Our Plan To Fix Government

  We are recruiting candidates from all over the country, and all over the political spectrum, to sign our anti-corruption contract and include it in their platform. It's a "People's Party" that prioritizes anti-corruption over partisan politics. Our movement is based on the idea that elected officials are supposed to be public servants, not aristocrats.

  The contract commits them to overturn Citizens United and end partisan gerrymandering. They'll introduce legislation requiring members of Congress to work 40 hours/week with just 4 weeks of vacation per year, and lock in congressional salaries at their current percentage of the national household median income (~330%).

  The contract has been signed by 34 U.S. House and Senate candidates. We create a page for each signer on our website where we introduce them, explain their positions on policy issues, and link to their campaign's website, social media, and donation pages. Take a look at our contract and contact us to get involved. Click here to find U.S. House and Senate candidates in your district/state, and ask them to join our movement.

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U.S. congressional
Candidates by State



Ron Bishop (L) Senate


Deedra Abboud (D) Senate
Billy Kovacs (D) District 2

Brianna Westbrook (D) District 8


Paul Spencer (D) District 2


Robert Cheader (I) Senate
Wendy Reed (D) District 23
Joseph Schrage (R) District 30

Ted Alemayhu (I) District 37
Julio Castañeda (I) District 39
Patrick Malloy (D) District 50
Bryan Kim (I) District 53


David Sedbrook (D) District 1


Loretta Miller (R) District 15


Carl Spoerer (D) District 15
Chris Minelli (D) District 16


Robert Chatlos (D) District 9


Allison Galbraith (D) District 1


Mark Bignell (D) District 4
David Benac (D) District 6
Eponine Garrod (D) District 6


Johnny Akzam (DFL) District 1


Rick Shepherd (D) District 2

north carolina

Wendy May (D) District 2


Samuel Ronan, (R) District 1
Janet Everhard (D) District 2

Evan Carp (R) District 14


Thomas Guild (D) District 5


Jim Crary (D) District 2


Bill Leiner (D) District 15


Dan Wood (D) District 5
Chris Perri (D) District 25


Helen Alli (D) District 7
Diane Fraser (D) District 7

  Citizen's Coalition for Democratization is a 501(c)(4) non-profit social welfare organization founded in San Diego in 2016 to get private money out of politics and promote democratization in the United States.