Volunteer Guidelines


Creating an anti-corruption contract for your state

  To create a contract for your state, you will need to put the same anti-corruption aspects of our federal contract into a contract for candidates running for legislature in your state. For instance, the first section of our federal contract is removed in our state contracts because a constitutional amendment overturning citizens united would have to come from Congress. The section about salaries needs to be adjusted because each state pays their legislators differently. New Mexico legislators don’t even earn a salary, so some sections may need to be removed if state law yields them unnecessary. Any issues that are particular to the state can also be added, provided they are non-partisan.

  We also plan to offer contracts for candidates running for governor. Being an executive rather than a legislative position, the language will need to be changed quite a lot. We would be thrilled if some volunteers would help us with this.


  The main goal of the contract is to lead to a government that is more responsive to public attitudes. The terms must be non-partisan. Here are some ways that we can achieve this:

  •      Remove institutionalized advantages for incumbents and big money
  •      Increase transparency and accountability of elected officials
  •      Remove institutionalized incentives for corruption (revolving door)

Getting Started

Please check our Select A State page to verify that we don't already have the contract you’re creating. To get started, download our CWAC Contract Template (.docx) below:




  We are more than happy to add those involved in the drafting of a contract to our Volunteers page. Just send us a short write-up and a photo. 

  Thank you so much for your help with this project. Please contact us if you have any input about how to improve Candidates With A Contract or these volunteer guidelines.

CWAC Staff