CANDIDATE FOR texas's 10th congressional district

  Tami Walker is running as a Democrat in the race to represent the people of Texas's 10th congressional district. After graduating from the University of Texas Law School, Tami worked for 28 years as an attorney or General Counsel. Her campaign is focused on political reform, job creation through investment in infrastructure, and protecting voting rights.

  "In Citizens United vs. the Federal Ethics Commission, 558 U.S. 310 (2010), the Supreme Court ruled that non-profit and for-profit corporations  have the right to make political contributions as a form of free speech.  This has allowed corporations, special interests and their lobbyists to buy our elections, using dark money that can’t be tracked back to individuals.  The decision undermines the influence of average Americans making small campaign contributions to help their candidates of choice.   This has to change—either through a Constitutional Amendment or through campaign finance reform. Federal contractors should also have to disclose what they spend on campaigns."

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