CANDIDATE FOR Washington's 10th congressional district

  Tamborine Borrelli is running as a Independent in the race to represent the people of Washington's 10th congressional district. Tamborine's platform is focused on Medicare for all, campaign finance reform, a clean energy economy, and an expansion of social security.

  "I’m running for Congress because we have a crisis in this country. One of the reasons that we- the people- are not getting what we want and need from our representatives, is because our representatives are paid to not listen to us through the use of campaign donations. Nothing will ever change as long as we allow this system to continue and until we support candidates who are not beholden to the corruption, because they are funded by us.

  I believe so strongly that we need to get corporate money out of politics that I participated in the march and (sit in), organized by the activist group Democracy Spring. This was a peaceful protest to Congress on the steps of our nations capital in early April of 2016. As I was getting handcuffed by the Capital police I looked up into the windows of Congress wondering how things might be different if an elected official with the heart of an activist sat in those offices. It was at that moment I was sure that I would do everything I could to find out."

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