CANDIDATE FOR california's 39th congressional district

  Steve Cox is running as an Independent in the race to represent the people of California's 39th congressional district. Steve has written extensively about dozens of issues on his campaign website where you'll find he supports universal healthcare, using military force for defense only, and ending the oligarchy which he refers to as "the only minority that's hurting our nation's economy."

  From Steve's campaign website:

  "A representative democracy only works when people are voting for candidates they want, not just voting against candidates they don’t.

  Public funding of elections will level the playing field considerably by itself, but these big-money interests still want the government to do what they want it to do, and as long as they can put their money behind a candidate, bill, or proposition, they will. And it will still swing elections against the will of the people as a whole, as it’s been doing for decades now.

  So, the next step is going to be to overturn the disastrous Citizens United v FEC Supreme Court decision. That means we’re going to have to amend the US Constitution. We need to propose a 28th Amendment outlawing political spending by corporations and severely limiting the spending of individuals. It will have to be proposed by a 2/3 vote of Congress, or 2/3 of the states (33) can call a National Constitutional Convention to propose the amendment. Then the amendment must be ratified by 3/4ths of the state legislatures.

  This might sound impossible, but we’re already halfway there, believe it or not, as 19 states have passed resolutions to overturn Citizens United. That’s only 14 away from the 2/3 needed to call a Constitutional Convention, and halfway to the 38 states (75%) needed to approve the amendment."

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