CANDIDATE FOR massachusetts’ 3rd congressional district

  Mike Mullen is running for Congress as an independent to represent the 3rd Congressional District. Mike grew up in Sudbury and has lived in Maynard with his wife Michele for the last 16 years where they are raising their high school aged children Ethan and Jordan. Mike earned a degree in Economics from Carleton College with a concentration in Science, Technology, and Public Policy. Mike’s career as an IT Director in the workers’ compensation managed care industry has provided experience in healthcare, technology & the changing nature of employment that he will use in service to the constituents of this district, state and country.

  "I'm running as an independent because I believe the current political system is too divisive and that big money plays too large a role.  Signing the Candidates Contract is a natural fit with my focus on electoral and political reform.  The principles advocated in the contract, including  an equal voice for all, government serving the people  and accountability are all things I strongly believe.  Reforming how we elect our representatives and how they subsequently govern is foundational to solving the other important issues of the day such as access to quality health care and education, leveling the economic playing field and protecting our environment."


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