CANDIDATE FOR New York's 11th congressional district

  Michael DeVito is running as a Democrat in the race to represent the people of New York's 11th congressional district. Michael is a United States Marine Corps veteran and was inducted into the NYS Veteran's Hall of Fame for his community leadership. His campaign is focused on ensuring fair and equal pay, universal health care, and putting a generation of people to work by investing heavily in green and efficient infrastructure.

  "I never expected to look at a run for Congress. Like so many of you, I thought others would take care of keeping our protections in effect; others would make sure that things would be fair as long as we worked hard; others would do right by those who have been forgotten or have never been helped in the first place. I discovered at the same time as most of you that the changing leadership of this country means there is no “others.” It’s us, or it’s not happening."

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