CANDIDATE FOR U.S. Senate from Michigan

  Marcia Squier is running as an Independent in the race to represent the people of Michigan in the United States Senate. Marcia is a non-corporatist, progressive activist who believes we all have a right to clean air, soil, and water. Her campaign is focused on ensuring all Americans receive quality education, health care, and representation in government.

  "I am running for US Senate in Michigan as an Independent because our government is overrun with corporatists that represent Big Money and their corporate donors. The people have little to no representation in our country, which is supposed to be Of, By, & For the People. I do not believe that corporations are people, and profit should not be the bottom line when it comes to government. The people and this planet should be placed above profit-driven corporations, and I want to help make that happen. Our current legislators are beholden to their sponsors, and therefore cannot represent their constituents."

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