CANDIDATE FOR California's 52nd congressional district

  Freeman Michaels is running as an Independent in the race to represent the people of California's 52nd congressional district. Freeman's platform is filled with creative bipartisan solutions to highly charged issues, such as gun control and healthcare. A central piece of this is his goal is to unite the left and the right around the creation of a new cooperative economy that addresses "both the progressive concern about the morality of capitalism, and the conservative concern about inefficient/corrupted governments."

  "There are two major forces that determine our fate: business interests (greed/money/power) and governments which are prone to corruption. Over the last century, these two forces pushed for the wealth to be transferred to the "elite" class (those who own private jets/yachts). This shows up to the public as more student/car/credit card debt, short selling homes, job insecurity, increased incarceration rates, less access to healthcare, etc. While individual politicians may mean well, the federal government and both political parties as institutions have failed in their soul endeavor: representing the people."

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