CANDIDATE FOR colorado's 6th congressional district

  Erik Stanger is running as a Democrat in the race to represent the people of Colorado's 6th congressional district. Erik worked as a server, a clerk, and a glass cutter by the time he was 15. He later acted as systems technician for hundreds of businesses and individuals throughout Central and South Florida, and went on to graduate from Broward College. He's dedicated to fighting for women, universal healthcare, equal rights, and for animals and the environment.

  "The Election of 2016 was the most expensive political race in US history. Citizens United made it possible for untraceable and sometimes illegally gained dark money to influence American elections. I unequivocally support a Constitutional Amendment to repeal Citizens United. Improprieties in campaign finances that pre-date Citizens United must be examined and corrected to prevent conflicts of interest and abuses of power."

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