CANDIDATE FOR United States Senate from North Dakota

  Dustin Peyer is running as an NPL aligned Democrat in the race to represent the people of North Dakota in the United States Senate. Dustin will fight to implement a "Medicaid for all" system, to leave marijuana and hemp regulation to states, and to place tight caps on election fundraising. He also calls for ending all foreign wars and using our military to support the United States within its borders.

  "My whole Campaign is based on donated time and cash to build and bring forth a North Dakotan United States Senator that will bring back the Progressive Anti Corruption Roots that we as North Dakotans take pride in. Citizens, we ask you to rise together against the outside interests in North Dakota who have a choke hold on our state and nation. Help bring back the historical Non Partisan League values to represent the North Dakotan People. Let's have a candidate powered by the people."

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