CANDIDATE FOR Michigan's 4th congressional district

  Dion Adams is running as a Democrat in the race to represent the people of Michigan's 4th congressional district. His platform is focused on environmental protection, community college for all, Medicare for all, and the decriminalization of cannabis. Dion also supports a $15/hour federal minimum wage and automatic voter registration.

  "Polling data over the last few years show that a majority of Americans feel like they aren’t represented by their leaders in Congress. The percentage of Americans that have trust in the ability of our leaders to fairly govern is at a dismal low. Unfortunately, they are right. Before the Citizens United V. The FEC Supreme Court ruling, political lobbying and the influential donor class were already playing a major role in the making and passing of policy through Political Action Committees (PACS) across the country. Since that ruling, and the institution of Super-Pacs with virtually unlimited political spending, things have only gotten worse. Nearly 80% of all bills passed through our legislature, are written/created by big industry lobbyists. The corporate takeover of our democracy must be stopped, and reversed. We must return policy power to the people."

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