CANDIDATE FOR michigan Senate District 33

  Mark Bignell is running as a Democrat in the race to represent the people of Michigan Senate District 33. Mark is a husband, father of three, and lifetime blue-collar worker. He's campaigning to put an end to corporate welfare, restore fiscal balance by raising taxes on higher income earners, and help family farms through the development of a new legal business entity - Sole Proprietorship -- Family Farm. Under this, he says, small family farms will receive tax advantages and protection from GMO seed cross-contamination law suits.

  "This year stirred a longing to serve, and there was a feeling he must run for office in 2018. Being inspired by the words in the Declaration of Independence, Martin Luther King Jr's "I Have a Dream," and by B.H. Obama's first Inaugural Address, he fully decided to seek the office. Mark realized there was a hunger, a starving in the people, for their voices to be heard. In this realization, he understood, despite his own humble beginnings, he must run. That he must call out the grievances of all common people, and give voice to the ignored."

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