CANDIDATE FOR michigan's 6th congressional district

  Eponine Garrod is running as a Democrat in the race to represent the people of Michigan's 6th congressional district. Eponine is a chemist, currently working as a quality control tester at Pfizer. Her top priorities are combating climate change through investment in renewables, single-payer healthcare, and education reform. Eponine is undeterred by the fact that her opponent, Fred Upton, has represented southwest Michigan since before she was born, saying, "I know that I can get to D.C. and win because people are angry, people are ready for a change."

  "It’s not about Eponine. It’s not about money. It’s about you, your family, your neighbors, your friends… and, yes, even your enemies. Every living person deserves to be listened to and represented equally by their government. THIS is what democracy looks like."

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