CANDIDATE FOR Wisconsin's 5th congressional district

  Dave Warnacut is running as an Independent in the race to represent the people of Wisconsin's 5th congressional district. Dave is a United States Marine combat veteran. He received his bachelor’s degree in Criminology and Law Studies from Marquette University and a master’s degree in applied intelligence from Mercyhurst University. His platform is focused on balancing the budget, simplifying the immigration process, and modernizing and streamlining the Department of Defense.

  "In order to solve the problems our nation faces today, we must think realistically, not give in to ideologies. The reality is that in order to enact effective, sustainable solutions, we need buy-in from constituents across the political spectrum. We need to make tradeoffs and compromises. We must change our policies and rules toward elections that entrench our two-party system and reduce the barriers to third parties and independents in order to increase competition in politics. We must bring the political climate back to the middle, where the pressure on elected representatives is to deliver results, not to champion ideologies."

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