CANDIDATE FOR illinois' 16th congressional district

  Chris Minelli is running as a Democrat in the race to represent the people of Illinois' 16th Congressional District. Chris started his own law practice in 2008 while other firms were closing up shop due to the financial crisis. He wants to use his expertise in business and law to bring real representation to Illinois' 16th.

  "I am fed up with the representation we have in Congress and I am fed up with the general indifference our federal government has towards families, workers, and those who wish to pursue the American dream in the 21st century."

  Chris opposes strict ideological and party-line affiliation, saying on his website, "As your legislator the opinions of my constituents will have a superior position in the decision making of the legislator." He has written extensively, and with an open mind, about many of the issues facing the people of Illinois and the rest of the country. We encourage you to find out more about Chris at his campaign website and social media below.

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