CANDIDATE FOR New Jersey's 12th congressional district

  Andrew Hartford is a 26-year old American businessman, lawyer and public intellectual running to represent New Jersey's 12th Congressional District as the youngest member in the 2018 United States Congress. While Andrew is a liberal and running as a Democrat, his platform is structured in a non-partisan and original fashion: as an open-source problem set which will culminate in a (televised) debate amongst the top proposals under each question (Jan 2019).

  Andrew sees these "Problems of Our Time" as foundational to tackle in order for our nation and our people to find the health, wealth, and happiness we deserve in the 21st century. He contends that, above all, America needs a public leader that can help produce this end-to-end detailed playbook as it is necessary towards providing the United States with a focused direction and a renewed purpose in the decades to come.

  Andrew Downing Hartford is the visionary leader up for this most important job. Andrew is signing onto our contract because he believes that it is a strong step in the right direction towards answering one of those problems. Question 5 in "Problems of Our Time" is focused on cleaning up and improving upon our democratic processes, electoral system, and politics generally.

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