CANDIDATE FOR utah's 1st congressional district

  Adam Davis is running as a Green Party candidate in the race to represent the people of Utah's 1st congressional district. Adam is focused on environmental protection, tribal sovereignty, and election and immigration reform. Above all, he wants to create an economy that works for everyone by passing his own Workers' Bill of Rights. This bill would include the following:

  • Guarantee of a job
  • Right to a living wage
  • Secure scheduling guarantee
  • At least 10 days/80 hrs guaranteed paid sick leave
  • At least 15 days/120 hrs guaranteed paid vacation
  • 1 year paid parental leave
  • Single-payer healthcare

  "We've all felt the sting of policies made by members of Congress who are in the back pocket of major corporations, and the billions of dollars they spend on elections and lobbying. We know that those "representatives" don't actually represent our interests. This is why when I decided to run for Congress, I said that we would rely only on donations from real people. No corporate money, no SuperPAC money, just you."

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