Citizen's Coalition for Democratization



Candidates With A Contract is a non-partisan political reform program started in November, 2016 by Citizen's Coalition for Democratization, a California 501(c)(4) non-profit social welfare organization, founded in San Diego county by Scott Ferguson in July, 2016.

Our primary objectives and purposes are:

  • To get private money out of politics by providing a platform for candidates for public office in the form of a contract, and

  • To promote democratization in the United States, generally.

We seek to accomplish these goals in several ways:

  • Sponsoring and participating in public seminars and debates;

  • Giving interviews on radio, television, and social media;

  • Providing grants to organizations with similar goals;

  • Directly lobbying elected officials and candidates for public office to sign the contract;

  • Recruiting qualified citizens to sign the contract and run for office;

  • Supporting the campaigns of candidates who have signed the contract;* and

  • Indirect lobbying of elected officials and candidates through grassroots efforts.

*Direct support for candidates is limited to the provision of a page on our site that candidates can update themselves.


Board of Directors