Scott Ferguson

Lauretta Ferguson, M.D.

I've always wanted to help the underdog. That's why I went into psychiatry. When it comes to politics, 99% of us are underdogs. That's because none of us 99% can buy hundreds of politicians for one million dollars per seat in the House and TEN million dollars per seat in the Senate.  Yes, that's how much it costs to win a seat in Congress. But billions of dollars to buy off nearly everyone in Congress is easy money for corporations, special interests, and the top 1%, especially when they gang up. That's why a recent study showed that there is no correlation between the will of the majority and what Congress actually does. Instead, the strong correlation is between Congress's actions and the will of corporations, special interests, and the top 1%. The only true way to change this is by getting money out of politics. But how can we do that?

First, we need to overturn Citizen's United with a constitutional amendment. Then we need to enact publicly funded elections to level the playing field for all of us underdogs, so that the candidate we elect is not the richest candidate who will do the will of the highest donors, it's the BEST candidate who will follow the will of the PEOPLE.